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Advocate for the Syrian People

Flag of Free Syria

Write to your Government representative

Depending on the type of government form your country has, you can write to your parliamentary member who represents you, your Senator or Representative in a national assembly, and any politicians who head important task forces or committees that can address providing aid for Syrians who are still inside Syria.

You may also write to your President, Prime Minister, or other Head of Government to do the same. Make it a simple request that is heartfelt and ask for a specific policy or action. A good place to see what sort of action items are important to address can be found here on the Syrian Emergency Task Force’s website.

Use all means of communication, including writing a regular letter, sending an email, phone calls to their offices, posting on certain groups in social media, and learning to use #hashtags to combine your efforts with others who are doing the same.

Write to International Governing Bodies and Refugee Organizations

This works just like the above only there is potentially more value in social media. The obvious candidates are the United Nations Security Council [US] (note that the chairmanship changes each month; it’s easy to find who is the country official who leads the meetings), UN High Commissioner For Refugees [SWITZ), European Union [BELGIUM], the European Convention on Human Rights [COE], Amnesty International [each country usually has offices], Human Rights Watch [USA], and many others you can find on this website at the University of California-Berkley.

Write letters to your newspaper

Why not? This may be a good way to find like-minded people near you who want to help. At this time, the important thing is to keep the plight of Syrians who are trapped inside Syria and living in bad conditions in front of people. The media often loses interest, and after almost 11 1/2 years of conflict and displacement, Syria seems like “old news”. It isn’t. What failed to happen in Syria is recurring elsewhere and we still have yet to see the barbaric shelling, bombing, and detentions stop.

If you would like to know more about some of the advocacy work you can do, send us an inquiry in the form below.

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